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3D Laser Scanning

CT Wilson utilizes a simple, 5-step process to capture existing project data on applicable projects to better inform a personalized project approach.


Scan an existing building using a FARO laser scanner that collects +/- 1 million points/second & color imagery that is combined to create a 3-D point cloud.


The ‘area of interest’ is isolated and imported into a 3-D modeling software. The point cloud data is then used to create a 3-D Model. New Construction drawings can be imported into the model for constructability review prior to construction and revisions can be exported out to a compatible project management software.


Renderings can be generated from the model for visualization purposes.


Virtual reality technology allows you to view the data for a completely immersive experience. High-res, 360 degree images captured in the process can also be navigated through, similar to Google® ‘Street View.’


The data is sectionable which allows for analyzing existing conditions and potentially eliminating unforeseen conditions. This process can be repeated throughout the course of construction for a complete 3-Dimensional record of the project (as-builts.)