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LEAN Construction Scheduling

C.T. Wilson Construction Company utilizes LEAN Construction methods throughout the course of our projects to better manage the work, eliminate waste, and maximize value. Time, material, and effort are often wasted in typical construction projects due to errors in planning and coordinating. These errors directly affect cost and schedule. LEAN management involves the subcontractors and suppliers in the planning phase of the project to develop a detailed schedule, clearly define project goals, and assign responsibilities to all of the project team members. Having the subcontractors coordinating with each other at the beginning of the project creates realistic valuations of cost and schedule. Defining one’s own objectives promotes vested interest in the success of the overall project which increases every team member’s accountability. Through weekly planning sessions, original assumptions can be modified to reflect actual progress, consequently keeping the project on track. This management method of continuous planning, analyzing results, and responding to those results allows us to continually improve the overall construction process for our team. Success is evident with the jobs finishing on time or earlier, which saves money for the subcontractors, the General Contractor, and the Owner. Overall, this management method gives us an advantage over other construction companies and allows us to deliver a superior product to our clients.