blue bell mill entrance from upper parking lot

Blue Bell Mill

  • Location: Lenoir, NC
  • Cost: $9,899,364
  • Size: 67,680 sf
  • Year: 2020-2021
  • Duration: 455 days
  • Owner: Blue Bell Lenoir LLC
  • Architect/Engineer: Rowhouse Architects
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Warrenton Town Hall Main Entrance

Warrenton Town Hall

This project consisted of a renovation to a certified historic, three-story structure originally constructed for the Town's Fire Department. Alterations included updated PME systems, restoration of original features, and new ... Read More
JA Whitted School Front Elevation

JA Whitted School

This project was a renovation and addition to the historic JA Whitted School in Durham. Originally constructed in the 1920’s as the first African American Junior High in Durham and later ... Read More

Junction West

Quick Stats
  • Location: Raleigh, NC
  • Cost: $1,916,377
  • Size: 12,833 sf.
  • Year: 2017
  • Duration:
  • Owner: MMP Junction West, LLC
  • Architect/Engineer: Clearscapes Architects
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Rocky Mount Mill Campus Entrance

Rocky Mount Brewmill

In 2007, Capitol Broadcasting Company purchased the expansive Rocky Mount Mill site consisting of roughly 300,000 sf of mill factory buildings, thirty vacant mill house lots, and 30 mill houses. ... Read More

KIPP Durham College Preparatory School

The first phase of this project involved modifying the existing gym building to house four temporary classrooms that the school could use during construction of the main building. The existing gym floor was protected ... Read More
revolution mill historic windows

Revolution Mill

Revolution Mill is a historic cotton mill located in Greensboro, North Carolina, comprised of roughly 700,000 SF. In 2013, CT Wilson Construction Company joint ventured with Weaver Cooke to bring ... Read More
Saxapahaw Rivermill Amphitheater

Saxapahaw Rivermill

The Upper Mill Revitalization is the renovation and change of use of an existing mid-twentieth century textile mill along the Haw River. The goal was to create a mixed-use complex ... Read More