CT Wilson Construction Company sees immeasurable value in training and educating the successors of the current industry workforce. We offer two diverse opportunities to appeal to each unique, vocational path. Each program provides valuable professional preparation and networking opportunities. The best-suited candidates for our programs are those who are excited to acquire hands-on experience prior to pursuing a career in large-scale general contracting.

Our apprenticeship program and internship opportunities were designed to help rebuild the skilled trades in our local schools, recruit young people into the construction industry, provide training for career advancement, and neutralize the negative impact of the ongoing labor shortage. We are committed to offering paid, hands-on training job opportunities that can provide a meaningful and prosperous career in construction. Scroll below to learn more about these available opportunities. To apply for an open position, check out our careers page.

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*Pay is dependent upon various factors. Salary growth is predicted over four years. This information was provided by https://buildyourcareer.us/

1. The average cost for tuition for Community College is $5,000 for two years. 2. The average cost for tuition for University is $29,000 for four years. Salaries listed are industry estimations only and are calculated before payroll deductions.

Apprenticeship & Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

Through ApprenticeshipNC, a North Carolina Community College program, CT Wilson Construction provides four years of invaluable, on-the-job (OTJ), hands-on training and 432 hours of concurrent classroom instruction in house as part of our full apprenticeship program. Providing the program on site allows us to offer the program directly to our staff, rather than having to coordinate with a participating community college. This reduces the impact to our program due to instructor shortages, funding limitations, or lack of interested participants. Program scheduling is managed internally and each course is designed to develop competencies in numerous work processes including forming, framing, finishing, specialties, safety and general skills. Upon the completion of this apprenticeship program, participants will receive accredited designations that will prepare them for careers as craftsmen, foremen, or superintendents. This program is generally geared toward high school graduates interested in obtaining skills for a successful career in the construction industry, but is open to recent community college or trade school graduates and experienced workers. Special benefits are also offered to Veterans enrolled in the program.

Our pre-apprenticeship program incorporates similar learning objectives, but at a much smaller scale. The pre-apprenticeship program includes 20 hours of OTJ training and participants will finish the course with a 10 hour OSHA certification at minimum. High school students age 16 and over are eligible to participate. To see if you qualify for either of these opportunities, please contact us.


While attending school, seasonal positions are available for students interested in seeking real-world experience to supplement their education. Openings coincide with academic intermissions and offer a wide variety of training in various positions within the company. Exposure to different roles and on-the-job (OTJ) training offers participants industry insight from an alternative perspective which further improves opportunities for expedient job placement upon graduation. CT Wilson Construction seeks intern candidates in various fields of study.