General Contracting

The CT Wilson family has worked conscientiously for over 70 years to build and maintain relationships with clients and service providers across the state of North Carolina. Our customer relationships are the key to our success. This is evidenced by our repeat customers, many of whom are non-profits. Of equal importance are the relationships we have with our subcontractors and material suppliers, as they have made our success possible. These relationships streamline the preconstruction and construction process as we have established resources that facilitate and expedite both processes. We have a database of approximately 8,000 qualified subcontractors and suppliers across North Carolina, including certified NC HUB providers. We carefully and continuously monitor our subcontractors and suppliers to ensure compliance with our insurance and health and safety standards.

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As part of the general contracting process, CT Wilson Construction will finalize subcontracts, collect COIs, request submittals, release long-lead items for fabrication and mobilization, and schedule the Lean Pull Plan Meeting. We will track submittals and any Requests for Information (RFI) in Procore, a multi-user, cloud-based software accessible to all team members.

CT Wilson Construction will schedule:

  • Regular OAC (Owner, Architect, and Contractor) meetings
  • Weekly subcontractor meetings
  • Two-week look-ahead plans to keep the team abreast of any changes, action items, or concerns
  • Inspections with regulatory bodies and third-party materials testing agencies as needed

We will conduct regular safety inspections, take intermittent aerial progress photos as needed, schedule subcontractors, and coordinate work. The Design Team will perform regular quality control inspections and conduct a final punch list for owner occupancy. CT Wilson Construction will coordinate the project closeout:

  • Punch list items
  • Warranty elements
  • Operations and Maintenance manuals and/or equipment commissioning
  • Release of as-built drawings
operations scheduling meeting


Each project is staffed with a Project Executive and/or a Project Manager, Estimator, Coordinator/Engineer, Superintendent, support staff, and skilled laborers as needed. CT Wilson Construction will determine the most cost-effective approach for each scope of work. The majority of the work will be subcontracted out to pre-qualified subcontractors who, as team members, will help develop a project schedule in a process known as Lean Construction.


ct wilson lean construction pull plan


Procore is a cloud-based construction software that connects people, applications, and devices through a unified platform that promotes collaboration and coordination among team members including CT Wilson, the owner, and partner organizations, including subcontractors and consultants.  Procore facilitates timely construction administration through functions that streamline the management of submittals, RFIs, and other construction administration documents. All submittals, RFIs, and change events are tracked in individual logs. Once change events are approved, they are automatically linked to the budget, which helps track costs with the most up-to-date information. The schedule of values is updated based on budget changes and used to generate a pay application for each billing period. RFI’s and ASI’s (Architects Supplemental Instruction) are integrated within the current plan set, ensuring that every team member has the most up-to-date document sets. Updates are in real-time and tracking is instantaneous. Daily logs enable site progress to be reviewed remotely, which includes information like weather, manpower, safety, construction activities, and anticipated inspections. All activity is archived as a complete project record available to the owner, at handover. Our investment in project information management technology enables us to respond quickly to inquiries, reduce risk, devote more time and attention to client service, and improve project delivery.


ct wilson operations meeting

Total Quality Management Program

CT Wilson Construction has been a local general contractor since 1952 and brings extensive knowledge of the local subcontractor market to every job. We implement a total quality management program for every project. This ensures quality control from preconstruction to the final punch list.  We prequalify all subcontractors and vendors and understand their capabilities as well as their availability for each project. Any certifications specified in the contract documents must be supplied before work begins. Once the project starts, we often require that mockups of pertinent design features be constructed by the responsible trade.  Mockups are reviewed by our Project Manager and all other members of the project team to ensure the level of quality that will be mandated throughout the entire project. Our Superintendent will be responsible for enforcing that standard as the project progresses. Demanding quality throughout the entire process, as opposed to simply “making it work” in the field, produces a uniform high-quality final product.

Daily Reports will be completed by the Superintendent and uploaded into Procore. Everything is documented in these Daily Reports and can be accessed by all members of the project team. Any issues that arise are immediately flagged to be addressed.

Weekly Lean Construction meetings with the subcontractors on site will be conducted to help to address site constraints and facilitate coordination amongst the trades. These meetings are effective in managing the overall progress and quality of the project.

Testing and inspections will be closely monitored by CT Wilson.  A third-party inspector is required for field and laboratory testing of soil, concrete, and steel to ensure products incorporated in the project meet the necessary specifications. CT Wilson personnel will ensure conformance is strictly enforced.

A pre-punch list inspection is the last step in our job site total quality management program. It is our policy to inspect the work of each trade, develop our punch list, and have the punch list work complete prior to final inspection by the owner and designer. This not only ensures timely project completion but also avoids problems associated with completing punch list items once the new facility is occupied.

Quality management does not end with the physical completion of the facility. Although we anticipate remedial or corrective work to be minimal, we will regularly inquire with the owner regarding any warranty needs and aggressively pursue timely completion of any required warranty work.