The number one priority at CT Wilson Construction is safety. We believe in educating and holding accountable each individual assigned to our jobs to guarantee the highest standards of safety are met. Maintaining a safe environment for our employees, consultants, subcontractors, clients, visitors, and neighbors is critical to the success of every project. We do not want to just send employees home after a day on a site, we want to send them home BETTER than they arrived.

CT Wilson experience modification rate average is .69 compared to national average of 1.0


At CT Wilson, we believe in planning the job with safety in mind, that is why we take hazard recognition and mitigation so seriously. Understanding potential job site hazards and their prevention is the first step to creating a safe work environment. All CT Wilson employees are First Aid/CPR/AED certified; some office staff are OSHA 10 certified; most field staff and all site Supervisors are OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 certified. All site employees are required to have specialty training and OSHA certifications that ensure they are qualified to be on the site.

Only trained, certified, and competent persons are allowed to operate heavy machinery and perform high-risk/high-skill tasks. Continuing education is required at CT Wilson Construction and all team members are encouraged to pursue further training in safety regulations and practices. We work closely with our third-party safety consulting group, Paragon Safety, to ensure that training is renewed as specified.


Preceding the commencement of each job, a mandatory job site orientation is held to inform all site personnel of the safety expectations for the duration of the job. Our literature is available in both English and Spanish to assure that all individuals are knowledgeable and aware. Throughout the project, the Superintendent or Site Supervisor shares additional information on a current industry safety topic as part of the Weekly Safety Meeting. Additionally, a weekly safety inspection is performed by both the Project Manager and the Superintendent to guarantee site safety compliance.

CT Wilson is proactive when it comes to Health and Safety; one of the many steps in planning a successful project.