CT Wilson is committed to providing access and opportunity to historically underutilized businesses to participate in projects that are constructed or managed by our firm. We implement Good Faith Efforts in the solicitation and recruitment of HUB suppliers and subcontractors and do so within the context of the municipal plan and requirements of national and state statutes. We thoroughly document our contacts, conversations, outreach processes, advertisements, barrier reduction efforts, and correspondence with HUB firms.


  • Improve outreach efforts to HUB firms
  • Reduce barriers to HUB participation
  • Raise awareness of opportunities within the HUB community
  • Raise awareness within our firm of likely opportunities for HUB participation
  • Create an organized approach to HUB firm identification, recruitment, and participation
  • Examine past successes in HUB utilization for ways to improve each successive project
  • Install a HUB central point of contact within our firm who can provide information on any State project in which our firm is involved
  • Commit to providing training to subcontractors on general commercial construction practices and CT Wilson procedures to improve the success rate for subcontractors


  • Create a database of HUB firms specifically tailored to historical participation
  • Conduct meetings with HUB coordinators to better identify HUB firm project candidates
  • Reach out via personalized solicitation letter to HUB firms, inviting them to pre-qualify and/or quote a scope of work
  • Advertise projects in area newspapers and publications
  • Organize and hold job fairs to encourage HUB firm participation and create greater awareness of CT Wilson in the HUB community
  • Invite HUB firms to network with major subcontractors to help generate interest in second-tier HUB participation
  • Organize various trade bid packages into sizes that are both “bid-able” and “build-able” by HUB firms
  • Meet with HUB firms that are not pre-qualified to discuss realistic methods to implement for future prequalification
  • Utilize HUB consultant(s)