Chapel Hill Community Church

Tise|Kiester Architects prepared a comprehensive master plan for the renovation and expansion of CCCH’s facilities which included extensive renovations of the existing sanctuary, fellowship, and educational facilities to make them more functional, accessible, sustainable, and compliant with current building codes. An addition was also erected to house the administration wing and the sanctuary was expanded. Work in the sanctuary included complete interior and exterior renovations with new pews, chancel furniture, exterior glazing, implementation of a modern audio/visual system, and complete replacement of interior finishes. New parking, courtyard paving, and landscaping finished out the exterior. Sustainable features were prevalent and included upgrades to existing plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems to increase efficiency. Improvements were also made to the thermal envelope with new windows, doors, and insulation.

C.T Wilson worked with the owner and architect starting at the schematic design phase to determine a feasible budget. Phasing and logistics plans were established early on to allow owner operations to remain in effect throughout construction.

  • Location: Chapel Hill, NC
  • Cost: $1,580,195
  • Size: 3,575 sq. ft.
  • Year: 2005
  • Duration: 272 days
  • Owner: Community Church of Chapel Hill
  • Architect/Engineer: Tise-Kiester Architects
  • Categories: House of Worship