Yates Baptist Church

Previous additions to this church provided additional support and gathering spaces for the members but neglected the main Sanctuary. To address this issue, the design team worked with the constraints of the site to expand the sanctuary laterally. 3,000 square feet of space was added to both sides, which expanded the width of the sanctuary by nearly 12′ in both directions. Scaffolding supported the roof while the structural sidewalls came down. Structural steel beams were inserted, and the walls were bumped out. The design of the chancel was adapted to the new shape of the sanctuary, the slope of the floor was changed, seating was added, and an existing balcony was removed. New finishes will be installed, the parking lot will be expanded, and mechanical updates will take place in other areas of the church.

  • Location: Durham, NC
  • Cost: $3,115,778
  • Size: 34,618 sq. ft.
  • Year: 2017
  • Duration:
  • Owner: Yates Baptist Church
  • Architect/Engineer: DTW Architects
  • Categories: House of Worship